Blackpool Food Partnership

More Information

Background and History

Blackpool Food Partnership started in May 2013 and was launched in October 2013. The purpose of the Blackpool Food Partnership is to relieve poverty and hardship in Blackpool and the surrounding area. The focus of this relief is to ensure that no individual or family goes without food. The purpose of the partnership is to work collaboratively using each organisation’s resources and expertise to collect food and to distribute the food to people in need. It runs a bi-monthly Food Providers meeting that is open to anyone and is part of 'Sustainable Food Lancashire' and the Blackpool Homeless Partnership.

Thanks from Organisations Helped

It is always encouraging to hear from the organisations we have helped as it makes it all seem worthwhile.

You can review the 'notes of thanks' we have received by clicking HERE.

Cooking Nourishing but Inexpensive Meals

'Cooking for Health' Budget Meals

Click HERE to read or download a number of recipes for budget meals that were developed by the Blackpool Wellness Service.

Learn to Cook

From time to time we arrange basic cookery lessons. Check our Events page for information of any planned courses.

We may also be able to arrange one-to-one help/instruction by one of our volunteers to individuals who would like to learn basic cooking techniques to enable them to cook recipes like the budget meals referred to above. Contact Blackpool Food Partnership on 07780 007563 if you think this may be for you.

(Note: All volunteers are vetted by the Disclosure & Barring Service)

Future Initiatives

Budgeting Advice

Blackpool Food Partnership has created an electronic pack to enable our partner organisations to provide budgeting support to tackle the underlying issues of food poverty.

Further information will be available as soon as possible.

Training for Volunteers in Community Kitchens

Blackpool Food Partnership, working with Civil Service Local, has provided a full day of training for volunteers of Community Kitchens to ensure that they are working safely and effectively supporting their service users.

It was a very successful training day covering mentoring and coaching, professional boundaries and managing conflict. The date for the next session will be announced shortly.